Kate The Soap Lady

Taree's Handmade Soap Maker

My husband Ken and I live on our property in Taree located in the lush Manning Valley on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Believe it or not my brother Leo (also known as Harry) introduced me to handmade soap. He was selling the handmade soap at a local market and after attending it I was hooked. The biggest issue I had was getting Ken onside with another one of my great ideas!

Initially I only sold the vegetable oil soap that was made elsewhere but I always felt unsatisfied when I had to say we didn't make it.

After receiving a number of enquiries about goat's milk soap Ken and I attended a soap making class. We then equipped ourselves with what felt like enough soap making supplies to clean up Australia and our very first batch of goat's milk soap called Lavpatch was created.

I couldn't wait to take it to the market but then I didn't want to sell it in case it wasn't good enough. What a daunting situation to be in while introducing our beautiful soap to the world, of course we were biased, it sold like hot cakes and the feedback we received was supportive and encouraging.

The comments we receive range from, "Wow it looks good enough to eat, " to " I could smell it as soon as I got here". My customers started calling me "The Soap Lady" which validates what I do and my all time favourite comment is "Thank goodness you are here I only came to the market to get my soap."

We have since expanded to include stockists and an online shop. Whether you are in Taree, Forster or anywhere else on the Mid North Coast we can supply to you. Our online shop is convenient, affordable and ships Australia-wide.

Small batch handmade soaps

Since the making of the first batch of Lavpatch I have explored different methods and formulated new recipes. My current goat's milk and vegetable oil soaps are made using a cold process method so the beneficial properties of the natural ingredients used are retained in our finished product.

Our goal is to provide an excellent product you love, you can afford and it is what we say it is. Our soaps are handmade by my hands in small batches in the spare bedroom of our family home.

Our business is a family endeavour and we always ensure our products meet the highest standards. Using the traditional cold process method of soap making, our small batch soaps are handmade at our Taree farm. Because we use all-natural ingredients, you can be sure you are getting the very best product, made from the very best ingredients. Our goat's milk soap and vegetable oil based soaps are carefully cut by hand and individually wrapped for sale and distribution.
Hand soaps — soap in Taree, NSW

Old fashioned goodness in our goat's milk soap

Goat's milk soap is especially beneficial for those with dry, sensitive skin and sufferers of dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Our soaps are fragranced with essential oils and tested, skin-safe fragrances. Customers should be aware that Goat's milk soap will not cure skin conditions but it will soothe, soften and gently exfoliate your skin.
Goat's milk soaps — handmade in Taree, NSW


Regarding your fabulous soap - Accidentally found by my son on a weekend up north. So nice to have found a soap that is natural and smells/feels so very wonderful. Lasts a long time and my family absolutely love it!!

- Karen (Ashtonfield, NSW)
I have been using Kate's soap for just over ten years now and believe it to be the best soap money can buy, great assortment of flavours and beautifully presented. Would not use anything else.

- John (Krambach, NSW)
Heart shape soaps — vegetable oil in Taree, NSW